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Bone Grafting in Indianapolis, IN

A missing tooth may seem unimportant, but it can cause a multitude of issues over time.

One problem is that the a jawbone that is used to support the missing teeth begins to break down. Dental implants and other restorative and reconstructive procedures require a certain amount of bone structure for a complete foundation. Sometimes bone structure is inadequate to proceed--or so it used to be. Today, we can grow and graft bone in order to provide the foundation you need for effective restorations.

If you have inadequate bone structure right at an implant site, we will either acquire bone from a tissue bank or your jaw, hip or knee. We can also insert a special solution that dissolves beneath your gums and encourages bone regeneration. Any jaw defect requires a more comprehensive grafting procedure, and large defects are only performed using your own bone. The skull, hip and knee are the most common donor sites for grafts. As such, major grafting operations require a hospital stay.

Bone grafting is a cutting-edge process that allows us to complete even the most complex cases. We will go over the procedures in great detail during consultation. Please let us know if you have any questions.