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Silver Diamine Fluoride in Indianapolis, IN

Silver Diamine Fluoride is a cutting-edge solution for treating tooth decay and sensitivity in a preventive and minimally invasive manner. This liquid, antimicrobial agent combines silver, fluoride, and ammonia to create a powerful treatment against dental decay. The clear, colorless solution is applied directly to the affected tooth, where it can halt the progression of cavities by eliminating harmful bacteria and hardening tooth structures. This in turn prevents the need for more invasive treatments like fillings or extractions. Silver Diamine Fluoride creates many advantages including:

  • A non-invasive approach to treating dental cavities
  • Effectively stops the progression of cavities
  • Provides relief from tooth pain caused by cavities
  • Helps preserve the natural tooth by eliminating the need for extensive dental procedures
  • Can be used for children

Silver Diamine Fluoride can be used on young children's teeth, elderly patients with compromised oral health or medical conditions, special needs patients who may have difficulty sitting in the dental chair, and patients at a high risk of dental decay.

The SDF treatment process begins with a initial assessment to determine if SDF is an appropriate treatment option for you. If recommended, the clear liquid will be carefully applied to the affected tooth using a brush. The tooth will then be monitored over time to ensure the cavity treatment is working. In some cases, a follow-up application of SDF may be necessary to maintain its effectiveness.

Silver Diamine Fluoride represents a significant step forward in preventive dentistry, offering a minimally invasive and patient-friendly solution for dental decay and sensitivity. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today!